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“Just shallow people do not judge by appearances”

The acute paradox by Oscar Wilde is in reality a truth: appearances are not the value of things, but they are a significant clue to make a judgment. Appearances become an empty shell just if content is not at the same level. Therefore we work hard every day to maintain high quality of the inside and outside of our products. We believe that an attractive package enrich an excellent dessert and that an excellent dessert must have an attractive package.


An artist’s studio

Ermanno Venturelli, an artist who dedicates all his talent of ceramist of the Faenza’s School to conception of gift ideas, is the one who conceives Flamigni packaging, of course helped by Buli family. Images, patterns, colours combinations are conceived by his sensitivity and inspiration. He works with the same spirit with which he would conceive a table service or a fashion collection.

The world in a gift

Originality, novelty, freshness, variety are the secrets of Flamigni. Materials and objects come from all over the world thanks to the participation to the most interesting international fairs.


Hands are irreplaceable

Packaging are handmade. There is an entire team dedicated to handmade wrapping and packaging and attention to details is fundamental to give a final personal touch to a special gift.