Our history

We were born as pastry masters and, in some ways, we still are. Our founders, the Flamigni brothers Armando, Lieto and Aurelio, opened a pastry and coffee shop in Saffi Square in Forlì in 1930. A few years later they had already opened other shops in nearby towns and almost all travelers coming from the North to the Adriatic coast were stopping by. What were the secrets of such a success? A touch of discipline and the choice of the best ingredients. To say it in one word: quality! In the seventies, inspired by Marco Buli, son-in-law of one of the founders, we started focusing on production. Volumes increased, but we kept care and attention to production process unchanged. Nougat, in all its variant, became the flagship product in our range. Later we enriched our range thanks to a love story. Love for a great Italian specialty: Panettone. Since it has always been our will to do things in the right way, we opened a new production facility in the Langhe region, in collaboration with Antonio Fava, local artisan baker. Today the protagonists of our company are: Marco Buli, his daughter Renata, responsible for foreign markets and selection and design of packaging, and his son Massimo, responsible for sales and marketing. We have a plant in Forlì. In Forlì we produce nougat and biscuits. Pierluigi Bergamaschi is responsible for nougat production for which we still use traditional machines with copper containers. Our biscuits range is produced following traditional processes under the supervision of Roberto Ravaioli. In our plant in Piedmont, Ivan Cavallo, a skilled young man who learned his job inside the company, is responsible for yeast, while general supervision belongs to Antonio Fava.

Pastry masters


He is managing director of the plant in Rodello d’Alba (CN) and general production responsible and supervisor. He is technical pastry chef and in the past he guided his own company.


He is responsible for yeast in Rodello d’Alba (CN). He learned his job inside the company with great passion and devotion.


He learned the job inside the company and today he is the backbone of nougat production department in Forlì, where he produces nougat according to traditional recipes.


He is responsible for biscuits production department in Forlì. He his professional pastry chef and works here since many years.

Production plants

The Forlì plant, where we produce nougat and biscuits, is about 6000 square meters. We are proud of the fourteen Somarè machines with copper containers used for nougat production. They date back to the fifties, but they are kept in perfect conditions. They are ideal for long and accurate water bath cooking. Biscuits production department is equipped with machines for semi-crafted manufacturing. There is a great flexibility and during the same working day we can produce ten or twelve different kinds of nougat and up to six kinds of biscuits.

The Rodello d’Alba plant, where we produce leavened products (Panettoni and Colombe), is about 4000 square meters. The plant is a little more mechanized than the Forlì one and equipped with two San Cassiano kneaders with plunging arms, which are ideal for slow manufacturing processing and exactly the same used in pastry and confectionery shops. Many steps of the production process are characterized by a manual intervention, for example the phase called “scarpatura”, which consists in making a cross shaped cut on the surface of the cake. After baking, leavened products are left to cool upside down at room temperature for about twelve hours.

"In Flamigni we believes in innovation, but just when it involves an improvement."