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The history of Flamigni is the story of a family which cultivated over three generations two great professional passions: nougat and panettone. They seem apparently quite different, since one is the hardest, while the other is the softest among sweets. They have in fact many features in common. They have both ancient roots and they are both sweets for festivities and cornerstones of Italian gastronomic heritage. They are masterpieces to defend, rediscover and reinterpret, but always respecting tradition.

Discover the history of nougat…

Flamigni celebrates nougat and panettone with a variety of different recipes and using the best ingredients, but also trying, as far as possible for a company, to promote food culture. The two texts which present the history of these products are a way to promote food culture. They are quite brief, but they differ from legends, often taken for truth, that can be found on the web. Search for truth proves the respect that Flamigni has for these two great products.

Discover the history of panettone…