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Italian Fruit


This range is a tribute to Italian regions. In each recipe we use a typical fruit from different Italian regions, also combined with chocolate drops. Panettone Contadino contains Italian pears, apples, peaches and apricots. Panettone pear and chocolate is made with Williams pears from South Tyrol, while Panettone with orange and chocolate contains Washington Navel oranges cultivate in Sybaris (Calabria).
Also figs contained in Panettone figs and chocolate are from Calabria, while cherries used for Panettone Cherry and Chocolate are from Vignola (Emilia-Romagna). Citrons for Panettone citron and chocolate are cultivated in Diamante (Calabria) and apricots are from Campania. Ciaculli (Sicily) is the place of origin of late tangerine, Slow Food® presidium, while marrons glacés came from Piedmont.


Italian Fruit - Contadino


Italian Fruit - Pear and Chocolate


Italian Fruit - Orange and Chocolate


Italian Fruit - Figs and Chocolate


Italian Fruit - Cherry and Chocolate


Italian Fruit - Citron and Chocolate


Italian Fruit - Apricot and Chocolate

Late Tangerine

Italian Fruit - Late Tangerine

Marron Glacés

Italian Fruit - Marron Glacés

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