how we make nougat

Nougat is a sweet with ancient roots and it is a part of our national identity. Its taste brings us back in time and we feel like our great-grandparents felt when they were children and they received a piece of nougat at Christmas.
Nougat produced by Flamigni is a genuine and digestible product, made with high quality natural ingredients. It is handmade since high quality ingredients need to be treated with due respect.

The production phase

  1. PHASE 1

    Honey, glucose and granulated sugar inside heated copper container

    1° Day

    Timing: 5 minutes

    Once the copper container reaches a temperature of 96-98°C mixture of honey and glucose syrup is poured into it. Mixture is prepared 24 hours before to achieve right texture and taste. Granulated sugar, which is another fundamental ingredient for nougat p

  2. PHASE 2

    Addition of egg white and whipping

    1° Day

    Timing: 1 hour e 50 minutes

    Egg white is added and speed is increased in order to allow proteins to “unroll” so that they slowly incorporate oxygen during whipping. Speed is then decreased in order to avoid unwhipping. Pastry master understands when it is time to do it thanks to his

  3. PHASE 3

    Water bath cooking

    1° Day

    Timing: 2 houra

    Once speed has been decreased, cooking starts. it lasts long in order to eliminate humidity and obtain the right friability. We prefer to invest time in cooking. Temperature is around 98°C. Cooking of Supremo nougat is faster than the one of crunchy nouga

  4. PHASE 4

    Preheating of toasted dried fruit

    1° Day

    Timing: 5 minutes

    Dried fruit are heated to approach temperature of paste under cooking. Paste is flavoured with essential oils. Dried fruit is sprinkled with sodium bicarbonate as acidity corrector. According to tradition this help to maintain paste whipping.

  5. PHASE 5

    Addition of dried fruit

    1° Day

    Timing: 5 minutes

    Once right temperature is reached dried fruit is poured into the paste and mixed manually using a wooden paddle.

  6. PHASE 6

    Paste is extracted and positioned on worktop

    1° Day

    Timing: 5 minutes

    Paste is extracted manually using a long wooden paddle. There is a competition among pastry masters to see who can extract paste with just two paddlefuls (25kg each). Once placed on the worktop nougat is divided and weighed.

  7. PHASE 7

    Flattening with a rolling pin on worktops

    1° Day

    Timing: da 5 a 10 minutes

    Rolling pin, unlike a mechanical roller, does not tear nougat. Pastry master “hears” and “understand” the product and he can then work it in the right way. Thickness of Supremo nougat is reduced to a minimum.

  8. PHASE 8

    Manual breakage of nougat foils

    1° Day

    Timing: 5 minutes

    Nougat foils are broken manually and put inside small trays.

Noble ingredients and Manual processing

Flamigni produces nougat exactly as in 1930, that is manually. Somarè machines with copper containers used for nougat production date back to the fifties, but they are kept in perfect conditions. Once cooked nougat is extracted with long wooden paddles and flattened with rolling pins on marble worktops.
Nougat is the flagship product for Flamigni. Thanks to nougat the company has become well known among foodies. Flamigni searches and uses ingredients of high quality for production of nougat. Almonds come from Puglia, round and gentle hazelnuts from the Langhe, pistachios from Bronte in Sicily and from Iran and they are blended in order to achieve a balanced flavour. Honey is Italian and chocolate used for covering is high quality extra dark chocolate.

"In Flamigni we believes in innovation, but just when it involves an improvement."